While the sprawling and sometimes chaotic celebration of Shibuya's massive Halloween party was (relative to previous years) curved by safety protocol against COVID-19, the pandemic just couldn't slowdown one of the country's recent and growing Halloween traditions: incredibly mundane Halloween costumes.

It's called "Jimi Halloween" (Mundane Halloween), and is a party hosted by entertainment media group Daily Portal Z (which cooks up ideas like making realistic bird-shaped shoes to make friends with pigeons).

Employees at the website office started the party in 2014, when they expressed that they wanted to celebrate the holiday but didn't want to commit to full-blown embarrassing costumes due to train commutes. So instead, they opted for "Jimi Halloween", where they dress up in costumes of mundane, plain, and run-of-the-mill niche people and situations you see on a daily basis.

For instance, 2019 saw costumes like the following:

A man who found a cockroach and grabbed whatever was immediately around him to use as a weapon.

A woman who showed up at a BBQ but clearly has no intention of helping out.

With Halloween 2020 in the books, so is Mundane Halloween 2020, and this year saw some great understated costumes! The trend has extended well beyond the original party, and many mundane costumers have been sharing their own. Here's a few of our favorites.

Person at the entrance of a used clothing store, who you aren't sure is staff or just a customer.

Person who ate all their popcorn before the movie even started.

A UNIQLO mannequin that's begun being displayed with a mask due to the coronavirus.

Man who accidentally had his photo taken by a Google Street View car.

Person who brought their camera but only takes pictures with their smartphone.

A person who hurriedly writes their resume against the wall of a kiosk.

A man who forgot their smartphone light was on.

A company slave swamped with emergency responses while on the train platform.

The staff that wait at the entrance of Universal Studios Japan to get you to fill out a survey.

The pillar at the Shibuya Quatro concert venue that blocks everyone's view.

Person who refuses to accept a plastic bag from the store out of stubborn pride.

Person walking directly into the wind.

Person who forgot they were wearing a mask when eating a corndog.

Someone who brought too much luggage for just a one-night stay.

A zoo worker overburdened by playful pandas.

Person who reluctantly participates at the office Halloween party.

The iPhone's female emoji character.

An interviewer that has way too many pens.

The P.E. teacher who is always in sportswear but puts on a suit for the graduation ceremony.

Someone whose shirt has become awkward to wear because of a popular anime (Demon Slayer).

Someone finishes their online job interview with pajama pants on.

Someone who can tell the difference between the usual coffee and what he's been served.

Someone who went out only for the purpose of taking their photo I.D.

The solitary ramen booth seat.

Your middle school music teacher.

Someone trying to sell a water server at Aeon Super Market.

The person in an anti-telephone bank fraud poster.

Someone who accidentally went outside with their indoor-only slippers on.

Office lady working from home and wears no makeup under her mask.

A person turning right.

By - Big Neko.