When it comes to makeup inspired by video game and anime characters, Japan has got you covered. Just recently, Shu Uemura announced their One Piece Holiday season lineup and there’s plenty of Pokemon products on the go too.

We’ve often seen character adorned packaging, or beautifully designed bottles that work as ornaments as well as cosmetics. But this adorable offering from Bandai could easily double as a Kirby figure to decorate your room, when not being the cutest item in your makeup bag.

The compact case is based on Kirby’s ‘Warp Star’ which he can be seen riding on in the various games he appears in.

Just like the actual Warp Star, the compact has a starry-eyed Kirby figure holding onto it, in a pose that suggests he’s hurtling through space.

Fittingly for a sparkling star, the case contains a shiny highlight powder. The two-tone highlight has both pink and blue powder, arranged to show a super cute pastel image of Kirby under the clouds. The colours can be used separately to create a warm or cool tone look, or mixed together. The area around the powder and the mirror is decorated with more stars.

The product, which is made by Bandai’s own cosmetic brand Creer Beaute, also contains malic acid and hyaluronic acid, two popular skincare ingredients known for their moisturising properties.

The item is currently available for preorder from the Premium Bandai Japan site for 5060 yen, and should be shipped around March next year.

By - Jess.