Japanese retailer Mujirushi Ryouhin (often shortened simply to "Muji"), translates to "no logo goods" in Japanese, a reference to the store's theme of selling minimalist no-frill goods. While they sell everything from stationery to furniture, Muji is known to also sell their own food items. Recently Muji has been making a push to meet the needs of the environmentally conscious as well as those simply looking for alternatives to meat-based protein (including dishing out cricket crackers).

Their latest endeavor in plant-based protein comes with a rather convenient boost. Muji has now released a series of soy meat dishes that require no refrigeration or hydration, meaning they can be stored at room temperature and take up no room in your fridge!

The move is in sync with an increasing awareness of accommodating vegetarian and vegan diets in Japan (IKEA recently released plant-based katsu curry and ramen, and there's even plant-based yakiniku now).

The lineup offers four types of soy meat that are practically instantly ready to serve as is, or to mix in with your preferred recipes.

Soy Meat Hamburg Streak and Soy Meatballs

Ground Soy Meat and thinly sliced Soy Meat

Although they come in plastic packaging (seen below), none of the soy meat is dried so they can be enjoyed out of the bag--although they probably work best mixed in stir-fry and other dishes.

Each package is priced at a reasonable 290 yen and available from Muji stores throughout Japan, as well as online order.

By - Big Neko.