(@Teriyaki_Cheese) has mastered the delicate craft of cut out art.

But where most artists use paper as their medium, (@Teriyaki_Cheese) takes things to the next level.

All of his creations are cut outs from leaves!

His unique creations have earned him tens of thousands of followers on social media, and for good reason.

On October 31, 2020, he posted a special Halloween-themed cut out simply captioned, “Trick or Treat!”

(@Teriyaki_Cheese) carved out little animals all dressed up to go trick-or-treating.

How intricate!

His Twitter profile reads:

A world expressed with a single leaf. I make the best of my own ADHD (developmental disability) biased concentration to create paper-cutting works using leaves.

That’s so cool!

User Comments

  • How amazing! I would never think it’s only one leaf.
  • It feels like a fairy tale. The animals in costumes are too cute.
  • The sky behind really matches and gives it a great vibe. I just want to look forever.

You can check out more of his art on Twitter (@Teriyaki_Cheese) or on his Instagram (@lito_leafart).

By - Mujo.