Japan has its fair share of awesome themed afternoon tea sets. We’ve especially seen a lot inspired by various recognisable characters such as Hello Kitty, Aladdin and so on.

But for the high-minded among us, this new afternoon tea debuting in a cafe in Tokyo is sure to make a strong impression.

The elaborate set is inspired by Surrealist master Salvador Dali’s representative work, ‘The Persistence of Memory’.

Arguably the most famous piece from the genre of surrealism, anyone can recognise the melting clock motif, which has been recreated as part of a cream roll cake. It’s made up of both dark and white chocolate and crema catalana, in honour of Dali’s birthplace, Catalonia.

The plate of scones also has a creative twist, as it’s made to look like an artist’s palette with paint tubes that actually contain sauce.

There’s plenty of other artistic treats on the menu such as ‘surrealist macarons’, non-alcoholic cocktails, and a special homemade blend of coffee and chai tea.

So if you want to experience this fine art feast, be aware that it only takes place on weekdays and is limited to fifteen per day, until 28th February 2021 when it will be scrubbed off the menu for good. The cafe is called 'Bar and Lounge Whisk', and is located inside the Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection hotel. This particular afternoon tea masterpiece costs 3900 yen and must be reserved at least two days in advance. More information can be found on Mesm Tokyo's website, and booking can be done via Tablecheck.

By - Jess.