Japan’s Krispy Kreme stores often inspire jealousy in doughnut-lovers around the world with their undeniably cute, seasonal creations. Whether it’s cherry blossom season, New Year or Halloween, Krispy Kreme Japan’s got it covered.

But there’s one particular branch in Japan where hungry doughnut-hunters can find even fancier treats. These doughnuts, dubbed the ‘Krispy Kreme Premium’ range, are exclusive to the JR Nagoya Takashimaya department store.

What makes these offerings so special, you ask? Each doughnut is handmade and is made with decadent ingredients such as fresh whipped cream. The decoration is also much more ostentatious, often with an adorable animal jumping out of the middle, with seasonal, colourful twists abound.

For this year’s holiday season there’s two luxurious options.

The Premium Holiday Bear takes inspiration from a classic Christmas present. The chocolate and strawberry ring doughnut has an adorable chocolate whipped cream bear with chocolate features and a cute little Santa hat. The strawberry jam filling is made of Amaou strawberries from Fukuoka and the the doughnut is topped with strawberry chocolate and festive-looking pistachios.

Completing the duo is the Raisin Cheese Cream. This doughnut has a more mature concept with rum-flavoured raisins and milky white chocolate. In true extravagant fashion, it also has two types of cream, whipped cream and cream cheese. But don’t worry, it’s non-alcoholic!

Each one will set you back 300 yen (plus tax), and they will only be around until 25th December, when hopefully they will be replaced by another seasonal doughnut creature!

By - Jess.