We're seeing more sweaters, coats and scarves these days in Japan as the thermometer begins to drop into the low teens and even single digits (Celsius) in the evenings and early mornings.

There's nothing like hot and spicy food to keep you warm during the colder months of the year. Fortunately, KFC Japan is bringing back its ever-popular Red Hot Chicken!

For those who don't mind a bit of spicy heat, Red Hot Chicken has been a popular item on the menu at KFC Japan ever since it first appeared in 2004.

With a spice blend of red pepper, white pepper and habanero not only in the crispy batter but also in the tender and juicy domestic chicken meat inside, it's no wonder it keeps coming back year after year. The batter is carefully hand-cooked piece by piece on premises to give it a crispy texture.

In addition to individual items, you can also get Red Hot Chicken in various sets, as follows:

Product lineup

  • Red Hot Chicken: 270 JPY
  • Red Hot Chicken 6 piece pack: 1,500 JPY (Red Hot Chicken 6 pieces)
  • Red Hot Chicken Set: 830 JPY (Red Hot Chicken 2 pieces, fries (S), drink (M))
  • Red Hot Chicken 4 piece variety pack: 1,180 JPY (Red Hot Chicken 2 pieces, boneless chicken 2 pieces, fries (s))

Red Hot Chicken goes on sale in KFC Japan locations nationwide on November 18th, while supplies last. For more information, see the KFC Japan website here.

By - Ben K.