Village Vanguard definitely doesn't see any limitations when it comes to combining the aesthetic of adorable animals with fashion and household products. Whether it be realistic owl clocks, animal-shaped humidifiers that you "bathe", or wearable octopus plushies that turn you into a tentacle monster, the Japanese retailer is constantly looking for ways to turn even the most uncommon members of the animal kingdom into household buddies.

That trend looks to continue with their new lineup of adorable staplers inspired by hamsters, hedgehogs, squirrels, capybaras, and beavers.

Each stapler cleverly places the staple point as the animal's set of front teeth, and gives each critter a round and bubbly shape. They're available in five cute designs.

The rodent staplers are available from Village Vanguard's online store, priced at 1,050 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.