The Chinese Zodiac system of assigning animals to years is still a big practice in Japan, and this coming year’s animal, the cow, will be a big feature in lots of New Year decorations.

Although Christmas and New Year treats will be seemingly everywhere in Japan this holiday season, Krispy Kreme Japan seems to be one of the few big chains that consistently bring out a limited time only offering with a specific reference to the Chinese Zodiac.

For 2021’s creation, the idea has been expressed adorably as a cow face-shaped doughnut, called the ‘Happy Cow Milk’. The cow’s white chocolate coating makes the perfect white base for some dark chocolate details.

The filling is also a fitting addition, milk cream sourced from Hokkaido, which is famous for its dairy farms.

This super cute cow doughnut will be available after Christmas, from 26th December onwards. It can be bought on its own for 280 yen (plus tax), or as part of Krispy Kreme’s yearly ‘Eto Dozen’ set. Eto is the Japanese word for Chinese Zodiac, and this twelve-piece collection includes some other seasonal doughnuts such as the ‘Chocolate Snowman’, which also features in the current Christmas lineup, and the 'Lucky Strawberry Ring'.

So if you’re looking for a seasonal treat which is sure to ensure a deliciously auspicious New Year, the Happy Cow Milk doughnut will be available in Krispy Kreme branches from 26th December until mid-January.

By - Jess.