AniPic! bringing together fans and creators through digital art ownership

AniPic! is a new digital platform operated by YUIMEX, Inc. which allows you to have legal digital ownership of anime "bromides" (images) which you can proudly display no matter whether it's on your smartphone or your computer. The new platform uses blockchain technology to guarantee ownership and ensure that each digital bromide has your name on it and a certificate of authenticity. In addition, since the platform enables a connection between anime creators and fans, creators are guaranteed to receive any money you spend in AniPic!, and in return, owners will receive unique original and exclusive added content with each image direct from the creators.

You can create your own unique photo albums even bridging multiple anime titles, and next year, you'll be able to trade images with other AniPic! users and leave "Memorial Letters" on your AniPics which you can send to relevant animation production companies and creators.

In case you're wondering, bromides cost $3 each (120 coins), and can be purchased individually, or in rolls of 10.

"Great Pretender" on AniPic!

The first anime series to kick off the AniPic! platform is "Great Pretender," an exciting crime comedy produced by Wit Studio, directed by Hiro Kaburagi and written by Ryōta Kosawa. The series' first three cases (seasons) were released worldwide on Netflix in August 2020, followed by its fourth case scheduled for a November release.

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You can own digital bromides of famous scenes as well as exclusive heretofore unreleased setting materials from "Great Pretender." There will also be a prize campaign in which players will be entered into a lottery to win autographed goods by Director Hiroshi Kaburagi, Animation Director Hiro Kato, and Producer Maiko Okada.

Example of an AniPics from "Great Pretender."

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You can enlarge the image to a very high resolution, which means you can also display and admire them on a large screen.

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Digitally "flip" the image over and you'll be able to appreciate your ownership of the image, with your own name and the Certificate of Authenticity. Each AniPic has a unique NFT (non-fungible token) which is a blockchain technology to prove that you are the owner. This is where you'll also see exclusive messages from creators providing insights into each image, the part of the story it is taken from, or in the case of character setting materials, insights into the character design, or other interesting background information sure to please fans.

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For "Great Pretender," there are a total of 51 images which you can collect in your photo album, and for a limited time, if you access the site with link below, you'll receive your first AniPic! free of charge:

Raffle campaign for shikishi illustration and jigsaw puzzle

Raffle winners will be selected worldwide. You can enter to win:

  • A special shikishi with a handwritten illustration by Animation Director Hiro Kato and signatures by Director Hiro Kaburagi, Animation Director Hiro Kato, and Producer Maiko Okada (3 winners)
  • A special key visual jigsaw puzzle signed by Director Hiro Kaburaki, Animation Director Hiro Kato and Producer Maiko Okada (3 winners)

LINE + AniPic Campaign

If you add the AniPic LINE official account, you can get 10% off coupons during a limited campaign. Following AniPic!'s social media (LINE, Twitter, Facebook) will also make you eligible to get exclusive goods from the "Great Pretender"!

AniPic! Links

AniPic! has gotten off to a great start with what seems to be a robust platform with all kinds of possibilities benefiting both fans and creators. After "Great Pretender," collaborations with many other anime are expected to be released in the coming months, so there's a lot to look forward to!

By - Ben K.