Donguri Kyowakoku is the place to be when it comes to original and charming goods inspired by the beloved animations of Studio Ghibli. This merchandise paradise can be found in various Japanese cities, and has a dizzying range of items spanning rainwear to clocks, paperclip holders and all kinds of other wonders.

But their creations get even more exciting when they team up with well-known brands to create new products such as the original tea blends from Lupicia inspired by Ghibli characters and locations. Another ongoing collaboration is with SteamCream, a popular moisturiser in Japan, which results in the prettiest original tins featuring characters from various legendary films.

This year has possibly the most charming offerings yet, and for the first time ever a special box set will be released, inspired by Kiki’s Delivery Service.

There’s a particularly floral design featuring forest-dweller Totoro and some wild flowers (mini size, 900 yen plus tax).

Fans of Kiki can grab a tin featuring the heroine in the middle, surrounded by all her favourite things (mini size, 900 yen plus tax).

And the Howl’s Moving Castle design shows Howl catching a colourful falling star (mini size, 900 yen).

The only full size tin can be found in the ‘Rainbow Box’ (4500 yen plus tax), which is a special box set containing the cream, as well as toner in the same adorable theme. The dreamy pastel design is based on characters and motifs from Kiki’s Delivery Service, and would make a great Christmas present for a Studio Ghibli mega-fan.

The products will be available in Donguri Kyowakoku stores all over Japan from 1st December (shop list available on official website), or through their online shop.

By - Jess.