It's never quite a surprise to see Japanese fashion and decor retailer Felissimo add to its collection of odd animal goods, but on some rare occasions they will team up with actual Japanese zoos to research actual animals--such as Capybara pillow covers and kiwis pretending to be kiwi fruit keychains.

Felissimo is at an animal-inspired collaboration again, this time collaborating with the country's leading tuna expert-filled university to release a full-scale sized giant denim tuna plushie cover!

The cushion covers were made under the supervision of Japan's Kinki University, also known as Kindai. Kindai is well known in Japan for its Fisheries Laboratory which has helped cultivate bluefin tuna as a countermeasure to overfishing. The university even has their own restaurant which serves up a special brand of "Kindai Tuna".

Felissimo recommends stuffing the giant cushion (which comes in a deep sea black male and light ocean blue female designs) with a toro pillow (which comes with the cushion) in the middle to recreate the fat of the and to add towels and blankets into the head and tail areas.

The giant tuna cover clocks in at 150 cm (roughly 5 feet), but also comes in a smaller plushie size that can be used as a pillow or an arm rest.

Both cushion covers are currently available from Felissimo's Japanese online store. Those not in Japan should keep an eye on Felissimo's international store, where it should be added shortly.

By - Big Neko.