Just like anywhere, kids in Japan are pretty cute. ESL teachers living throughout the country probably think this nearly every day. In recent years, many Japanese students begin studying English at a young age. From preschools to high schools, language teachers are an increasingly common sight across the country. Overall, I'd imagine it's an enjoyable job for most.

Regardless, while every age has its upsides, preschool and kindergarten students definitely have a charm all their own. For example, take a look at the video below by YouTuber Life Where I'm From. Here, the vlogger showcases a typical day at a Japanese childcare center:

Sure enough, all the students are high-energy and enthusiastic. And who can blame them? Their daily routine involves a lively mix of activities such as arts and crafts and playdough time.

Toilet Trouble

While preschool and kindergarten students are fun to be around, they also pose certain challenges. In a recent post, manga artist Dekopon Goro (@Dekopon_56) illustrated an unusual situation that developed at her work at a nursery school one day. Although the artist is a woman, she appears as "Deko-Sensei," a large male teacher, in this series:

Reproduced with permission from Dekopon Goro (@Dekopon_56)

It seems he’s too busy playing to think of anything else.

While the child's response seems a bit unusual, readers know how children can be. They responded:

  • “Just recently, my child said the same thing.”
  • “He’s so precious. LOL!”
  • “My daughter is exactly the same. LOL!”

If you liked this piece, you can find more like it on Dekopon Goro’s Twitter page. The artist also has books available on Amazon, including a new volume to be released on November 18th. Check them out!

By - Luke Mahoney.