There are two universal facts about cats that any cat owner knows: cats have an unexplainable fascination for cardboard boxes, and cats possess a level of confidence that allows them to walk around your home as if they expect to be treated like gods.

Now, there’s a new product in Japan that reinforces these two facts. Simply called the Cat Shrine House, the press release for this cardboard creation states that it was designed by a “cat-loving architect”. Its design takes inspiration from the typical appearance of a Japanese Shinto shrine.

Shrines usually have a large, round bell called suzu (鈴) that hang atop shrine entrances. This was recreated at a much smaller scale with two bells at the box’s “entrance”.

It also copies the tiled roofs of shrines and the fusuma (ふすま), or sliding doors. Owners can assemble a “shrine donation box”, which in all honesty, cats would likely prefer to be turned into a box for treats instead. Overall, the Cat Shrine House stands at 58 cm (~22 in) tall and 64 cm (~25 in) wide.

The crowdfunding campaign for the cat house was announced on November 17, 2020, and within 24 hours, organizers were able to reach their 500,000 yen goal. With a pledge of 4,840 yen, backers receive a basic shrine house for their cat. There are currently 6 different tiers in the campaign, and delivery is expected between mid to late December 2020.

You can read more details about the cat houses and the campaign (in Japanese) through the crowdfunding website.

By - Jen Laforteza.