Japanese YouTuber chef Kuma Cooking was recently praised online for her new method of providing advertising: renting out the space on her chest provided by her ample bust to advertisers. Outside of adding to her own popularity, the method is appealing to advertisers because her videos consist of her cooking and eating food with her chest always in the view of the camera.

One company took the advertising opportunity a step further than just renting out breast space, however. EAST, an Erectile Dysfunction clinic that prioritizes locating their clinics in front of train stations, erected (no pun intended) signboards of Kuma Cooking's bust with their name, directions to their clinic, and "ED Treatment" written.

The move has been met with some grievances and complaints online, specifically from those who find it objectifying women or inappropriate to be on display in such a public sphere where children can see. In an apparent response to the complaints, EAST has changed the billboard ad in what some that some are saying is a sarcastic move:

The Tweet shows above shows a before and after comparison of the advertisement. EAST's adjustment is replacing the YouTube chef herself with the t-shirt she was wearing. The change has received a mix of responses, with some praising it as an honest concession to those offended, and others observing it as a sarcastic compliance. Others have expressed concern that this kind of reaction is a threat to the careers of models.

"People who claim to be feminists protested the billboard. Ironically, it's the woman in the ad that gets removed."

"I'm thankful for the people who had the courage to step up to this."

"So you can't use a picture of a woman's chest? What happens to women's jobs?"

"You can't have such a sexual ad right in the middle of Tokyo."

"The woman disappeared from the ad. How nice for you, feminists. Is this the world you wanted?"

"The world feminists long for leaves big breasted women with limited choice of clothing and work."

"You have to change a giant ad like this in front of a train station. I hope Kuma Cooking can get more traction on stuff like YouTube instead."

"This is what you call sarcasm."

As for Kuma Cooking, the chef seems to be taking it with a bit of humor.

"Hello. I'm the office lady who had her t-shirt taken away lol."

By - Big Neko.