Autumn in Japan is a pretty special time in which residents enjoy kouyou, or the changing leaves. Moreover, the countries inspirational landscapes provide travelers with several destinations to enjoy the feel of the season. Common famous vistas include the Hananuki Valley in Ibaraki, Tokumei-en in Gunma, and practically all of Kyoto.

The countless fall leave viewers who venture to these areas easily understand their allure. These destinations capture the essence of the season and are entirely photogenic. Indeed, photos of fall time scenes are occasionally award-winning in Japan, and for a good reason.

That said, everyone celebrates the seasons their own way. For example, we at grape Japan are fans of demon slayer, as you likely know. We’ve covered stuffed felt characters in cat-form, and an artist who fused the series in Pokemon illustrations.

More recently, we were amused when we noticed a recent tweet by Fukube (@hukube85), just in time for the season. The Internaut included a photo of one of her sister and niece's creations:

Reproduced with permission from Fukube (@hukube85)

“My sister and niece drew Rengoku. So cute.”

Sure enough, the depiction of Rengoku is striking. As you can see, the pair used leaves to recreate the characters trademark features: red and yellow hair and eyebrows. Considering the leaves were still changing color, their timing was pretty impeccable.

Followers reacted on Twitter:

  • “What a unique idea!”
  • “This really gives a sense of the season.”
  • “The coloring is exquisite.”

Indeed, Fukube and her family are pretty creative. They seemed to have inspired another post by user A Playful Father Who Loves to Be Creative (@dadesign2017) that was just as striking:

“If you increase the color saturation, it looks like a petal. Rengoku relaxing.”

If you got a kick out these photos, be sure to check out Fukube’s Twitter feed as well as A Playful Father Who Loves to Be Creative feed.

By - Luke Mahoney.