Gelato Pique is a loungewear brand from Japan that focuses on high-quality, soft fabrics and comfy clothes to wear indoors.

The brand has as main concept "desserts you can wear", given by the softness of the fabrics, therefore the delightful name of Gelato Pique.

From November, Gelato Pique came up with Atsumare Doubutsu no Mori (あつまれ どうぶつの森/Animal Crossing in Japanese) meets Gelato Pique limited-edition series.

The popular game characters are now part of the Gelato Pique cute designs, and here are some of the items you can buy:

Fluffy Knitted Hoodie with ears

The Hoodie comes in three designs:

  • Atsumare Doubutsu No Mori Character Hoodie Gray; with the most adorable cat ears I have ever seen on a hoodie (6,800 yen+tax)
  • Atsumare Doubutsu No Mori Character Hoodie in the color cream, with bear ears (6,800 yen +tax)
  • Atsumare Doubutsu No Mori Character Hoodie, in the color of brown, with bear ears (6,800 yen+tax)

Character Pants

The characters’ pants are a match for the hoodies above and again, come in three colors: gray, cream, or brown. All three are short pants and cost 4,200 yen+tax.

Jacquard knit sweater "Tsubuki & Mamekichi" 

You can buy the adorable Tsubumame Pullover for just ¥ 5,800 + tax.


Animal Crossing room wear

The soft fabric room wear comes in two types:

  • Animal Crossing Character Design: It has a character pullover (5,400 yen+tax) and character long pants (5,200 yen +tax).
  • Animal Crossing Fruit Design: It has the same items and prices as the character loungewear, the only difference being the design that has fruits instead of characters.

Tsubukichi & Mamekichi Knit Goods

You can also buy the Tsubukichi and Mamekichi Goods such as:

  • TsubuMame Jacquard Blanket A for 5,800 yen+tax
  • TsubuMame Room Shoes for 3,400 yen+tax
  • TsubuMame Cushion for 3,400 yen+tax
  • Character Pouch for 3,400+tax with the Gelato Pique Logo

The Animal Crossing meets Gelato Pique came at the right time for Christmas, and it would make a great present for both Gelato Pique fans and Animal Crossing fans.

The items are super fluffy, cute, so even if you are not a fan, it is impossible to not fall in love with the softness of the fabrics and the adorable characters on the loungewear.

Not only that, but from the 22nd of December, you can also order the Animal Crossing meets Gelato Pique Special Book (bag and character poach) for 1,990 yen+tax here.

You can also order the Animal Crossing meets GELATO PIQUE SPECIAL BOOK Clear package version for the same price here.

For pre-ordering the Animal Crossing meets Gelato Pique loungewear, check out the Gelato Pique Official Website.

By - cinnamonellie.