Tokkuri are Japanese carafes used for pouring sake into smaller cups (o-choko) or glasses. With Japan having such a rich tradition in ceramics, seasoned sake fans have quite the variety of tokkuri designs to choose from. Design group Cement has teamed up with kiln from the largest producer of ceramics in Japan to release a lovely design: a sake carafe that sings like a bird when sake is poured.

The tokkuri come in three model sets with an accompanying o-choko, and are made in collaboration with Fujita Pottery, a kiln located in Gifu Prefecture where the celebrated Mino ware are produced. The design, which has a special inner structure that allows for it make it seem as if the attached ceramic bird is chirping, was actually a playful one featured in the Edo period that Cement is reproducing with a modern aesthetic.

All three sets are available to order from Cement's Coto Michi online store for 8,800 yen.

By - Big Neko.