Japan's "muscle idol" Reika Saiki seems to find success no matter what avenue she pursues with her impressive physique. The idol with a love of lifting has made it as a pro-wrestler (for both Wrestle-1 and Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling) and a singer (particularly as a member of Deadlift Lolita with partner Ladybeard, which has produced the leggiest Chun-li cosplay photo shoot we've seen). She's even flexed her muscles as a part of a music video for the anime "How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?"

With a lot of her activities on hiatus while recovering from a jaw injury, it appears Saiki has thrown herself into bodybuilding, one of her other passions. In preparation to make her first challenge at the Gold's Gym Japan Cup as well as Muscle Gate Tokyo competition, the muscle idol hit the gym as hard as ever and shaped up an already amazing build.

Her hard-earned result was winning the Muscle Gate Tokyo competition outright in the Women's Physique category, and placing second at the Gold's Gym Japan Cup running up only to veteran bodybuilder Eriko Shimizu.


The Gold's Gym Japan Cup event was broadcast live on NicoNico Live, where fans got to see Saiki wow the judges with her muscles and show off her posing routine!



While she certainly has a lot of other activities to keep her busy, it looks like this bodybuilding competition run has been a big positive for the talented idol, who posted the below video to her Twitter and Instagram with the following comment for her fans:

"I take all of your kind praises very gratefully, but I don't even open my ears to people giving negative comments like 'this is gross' or 'I don't see the charm in this', I'm not doing this to be liked by those sort of people. I'm doing what I want to do, so that doesn't hurt me or both me at all. =P"

To keep up with Saiki Reika and her workouts, you can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as well.

By - Big Neko.