If you were to believe what you see in the epic (one-sided) battles you see between them in viral videos, it would seem that cats and cucumbers are mortal enemies.

However, an adorable munchkin cat in Japan named Putico (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) has not only tamed cucumbers, but absolutely loves them. Perhaps it's because she's too cute to scare.

Putico's human companion shared a video earlier this year of the ginger munchkin reacting not only positively to a cucumber, but falling absolutely in love with it!

Commenters on the video have expressed jealousy of the cucumber, as Putico doesn't simply just express interest in the cucumber, but turns it into her own personal huggy pillow.

This isn't the Putico's only interest in produce. She previously became absolutely smitten with pumpkins.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.