Most pet owners love their critters dearly and can’t help but taking loads of photos.

Taking a nap in the sun, rolling around outside in the grass, the pet’s most mundane daily activities become something adorable when seen through the eyes of their owner.

Whether you upload your photos to SNS or keep them to yourself, you’ve probably got plenty of pet pix.

But how often do you take a selfie with your pet? You may find these shots to be quite rare amid your collection.

Meet Monta the Cat

Monta is one good example of a feline living the good life. His owner documents his daily life for everyone’s enjoyment on his Twitter account (@montanonichijo).

Monta is just over a year old, but his droopy eyebrows and slow saunter seem to add quite a few years.

Owner Tries to Take Selfie, But…

One day (@montanonichijo) realized that he didn’t have any selfies with Monta. He wanted to take a good picture with his kitty for a good memory. He shared his selfies on Twitter.

Reproduced with permission from Montanonichijo (@montanonichijo)

Reproduced with permission from Montanonichijo (@montanonichijo)

Hmm...probably not the vibe he was going for.

Maybe he didn’t like how he was being held. Or he wasn’t in the mood for a photoshoot.

Whatever the issue was, Monta sure didn’t try to hide his displeasure.

Many Twitter users found the photos pleasing or comical. One commented that Monta looked like he’s achieved enlightenment with his Buddha-like half-open eyes. Many others replied in kind with pictures of their own sourpusses.

(@montanonichijo) only just joined Twitter in November and he’s already got more than 36,000 followers.

Sorry Monta, but we’re all looking forward to seeing a lot more of you. So smile for the camera bud.

By - Mujo.