Have you ever had to look up a culinary cutting term in the middle of cooking a new recipe?

Maybe the recipe calls for julienne cut onions. Well what’s that mean? you may think to yourself. So you wash your hands and Google “julienne cut” on your smartphone.

In other cases, maybe you rely on whatever pictures are available and don’t bother with the aesthetics.

On December 1st, AUX Ltd. launched a new cutting board designed by leye to help those of us who are chopping-challenged.

You won’t need to grab for your phone and it’ll have you chopping like a pro in no time.

The Cutting Board that Shows How to Cut

The cutting board from leye features easy-to-understand graphics on both sides.

The grey-colored front features a ruler along the edge for measuring the thickness of your cuts. The illustrations show how to cut rounded ingredients, like daikon radish, into various shapes.

The back side is pink, making it easy to consciously separate which ingredients you use it for, like meat or vegetables.

Like the front, it also features an edge ruler, as well as more diagrams to improve your chopping finesse.

The cutting board’s surface has antibacterial properties and the edge is made of non-slip elastomer.

In addition, the board is light-weight and dishwasher safe. Its dimensions are 21.3 long x 30.3 wide x 0.6 cm thick.

You can purchase this cutting board directly from AUX’s website below for¥1,430 (including tax).

By - Mujo.