Earlier this year, Japan Post commemorated the 50th anniversary of Doraemon, a long-running popular anime and manga about a the time-travelling robot cat, with a special release of themed stamps. Once again, Doraemon fans can turn to Japan Post for some awesome goods, this time in an adorable lineup that combines Doraemon characters with the traditional mochi used to celebrate the New Year in Japan.

The goods feature are squishy plushies of different sizes that take Doraemon and his younger sister, Dorami, and fuse them with the aesthetic of kagami mochi. Kagami mochi is a traditional Japanese New Year decoration that stack two mochi cakes, and are often topped with a Japanese bitter orange. They are often displayed in household Shinto altars and symbolize the year to come and the one gone by.

Due to Doraemon and Dorami having particularly round bodies, they translate perfectly into these mochi cushions and accessories, which Japan Post says have a "mochi-like" texture.

The plushies are available in a large size (3,520 yen) that's big enough to be a huggy pillow, and a smaller size (1,100 yen) that can be used a strap.

They're available to order from Japan Post.

By - Big Neko.