CBD Beer #chill&relax

LD & K, which operates the popular restaurant and cafe chain Udagawa Cafe, has developed a "mental energy beer" called "CBD Beer #chill&relax." According to their press release, the CBD in the name isn't only the currently-trending cannabidiol extract. Designed to provide much-needed refreshment and relaxation to the pandemic-stressed population, the three letters also stand for "Corona Break Days"!

In 2015, LD & K launched the "world's first" energy beer from Shibuya, "Shibuya Beer," with the concept of "Energizing Japan from Shibuya!" Now five years later, the mental energy beer "CBD Beer #chill & relax," featuring the benefits of CBD, will be released on December 22 to help you enjoy a positive and high-quality life even in the stressful world of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The high-quality CBD, developed in cooperation with the Japanese manufacturer Oneinch Co., Ltd., and lemon zest extract containing beneficial terpenes, create a synergistic effect while delivering a refreshing, fruity taste. The beer is manufactured by the Sankt Gallen craft brewery, whose fruit beers we have featured before in grape Japan.

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Product Information

  • Name (JP): CBDビール チル アンド リラックス
  • Name (EN): CBD Beer #chill&relax
  • Ingredients: Malt (US), hops, CBD, lemon
  • Volume: 330 ml
  • Alcohol: 7%

In-Store Sales

  • Udagawa Cafe group locations
  • On sale from December 17th, 2020
  • Official Website

Online Sales

  • Pre-order period: December 11th to 21st, 2020
  • Delivery from December 22nd, general sales begin

CBD Beer 3 bottle set

Price: 1,800 JPY + tax & shipping

Order here

"Energy Pack": 3 bottles Shibuya Beer + 3 bottles CBD Beer

Price: 3,500 JPY + tax & shipping

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By - Ben K.