Onigiri (rice balls) are perhaps the lifeblood of Japanese snacks to eat on the go. While their most common form is your favorite meat or vegetable within tightly packed white rice with a layer of nori (seaweed) as wrapping, over the years we've seen some interesting takes on the traditional light meal. These days you can find sweet cake dessert rice balls and even drinkable rice balls.

Instant noodle maker Maruchan and rice cracker maker Kameda Seika is giving us an all new twist on the classic onigiri by fusing them with two Japanese noodle favorites--udon and soba!

The new release, which is exclusive to NewDays train station kiosks in the Japan Railway area (JR East lines), takes two of Maruchan's popular udon and soba flavors and compacts them into rice balls.

Kitsune udon (seasoned deep fried tofu-topped udon noodles)

Made with bonito broth and packed with a batch of mixed fish and veggie tempura.

Infused with bonito and kelp soup stock and topped with a slab of fried tofu.

Tanuki soba (soba noodles topped with crispy tenkasu tempura flakes)

Both will be available at NewDays train station kiosks from December 15, priced at 148 yen.

By - Big Neko.