As the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus continues to rise in Japan, Prime Minister Suga announced on December 14th that the country's "Go To Travel" campaign, intended to assist the ailing tourism and travel industries by incentivizing travelers through discounts in accommodations and travel packages, would be suspended between December 28th and January 11th.

International candy maker Papabubble, whose innovative approach to candy making we've introduced several times in grape Japan, are launching a special campaign of their own which they're calling "No To Travel":

Papabubble's "No To Travel" campaign involves the following:

Up to 35% Money Back

At online shops directly managed by Papabubble Co., Ltd., or through Zoom-based remote shopping at their brick-and-mortar shops, customers will receive a 15% discount at checkout time. Moreover, customers' purchases will be shipped together with a 20% discount coupon that can be used until the end of March online.

For purchases made at Western baked goods store Villon, the discount will be 10% at checkout and a 15% coupon

Coupons can be used online or, after January 11th, at brick-and-mortar shops.

Zoom shopping

Papabubble plans on launching a Zoom shopping service that allows customers to "visit" the store at any time (during normal hours). Customers can turn off their camera if they so choose and communicate with the store staff and see what they're buying directly. Another advantage is feeling less pressure to buy which customers can sometimes experience when they physically enter a shop.

Enjoy Papabubble's famous candy-making performance online

The biggest pleasure of visiting a Papabubble store is watching craftsmen make candy on-premises. For the benefit of customers who can't visit in person, Papabubble will stream a candy-making video. They're also considering streaming performances from their headquarters in Barcelona, and stores in Paris and São Paulo.

For more information, visit Papabubble's official website here.

By - Ben K.