Matsunoya is a tonkatsu chain restaurant in Japan, and on Wednesday, 9th of December, they released the crispy mega chicken set meal available across the country.

Tonkatsu(豚カツ)is the Japanese word for Japanese pork cutlet, and the pork is thinly sliced, then coated with bread crumbs(panko/パン粉), which gives it a crispy texture, similar to a tempura pork cutlet.

Besides pork cutlets, Matsunoya also has other dishes on their menu, such as karaage(deep-fried chicken) or curry rice, which are very filling and delicious.

The new set meal from Matsunoya brings us an updated version of batter that includes spicy black pepper and is also a lot crispier and crunchier than before.

They use chicken thighs, which makes it juicier, and the updated batter will make it possible to enjoy both the juiciness of the chicken thighs and the crisp texture to its fullest.

The chicken will have a delicious and generous amount of tartar sauce on top, and from the moment you take your first bite, you’ll get addicted.

The price for the Crispy Mega Chicken set meal (rice and miso soup included) is 750 yen, and if you want plenty of tartar crispy mega chiki(rice and miso soup included), you can have it for 850 yen. You can also order the Crispy fried chicken set meal for 750 yen or the Crispy Karaage Large Set Meal for 980 yen (both with rice and miso soup included).

If you feel like getting something else but want to have a taste of the crispy fried chicken, you can get three pieces for 310 yen.

You can also opt for taking out, and if you want another bowl of warm miso soup for take-out or just want to have a taste of miso soup, you can buy it for only 60 yen.

The set meal is available nationwide, and you also have the possibility of reserving a bento.

It isn’t, however, available in AEON MALL, Matsuya, My Curry Cafeteria, Matsusoba Stores, and another couple of stores from Shinjuku, Nakano, and Suginami.

You can see more information on the Matsunoya Official Website.

By - cinnamonellie.