Will Fee, for JAPAN Forward

~As a retrospective on what was clearly a uniquely loving relationship, it focuses on the side of Lennon that promoted a message of peace and love that still resonates today~

Born 1940. Lived. Met Yoko 1966!

So reads an inscription printed on the wall at the Double Fantasy – John and Yoko exhibition currently being held at the Sony Music Roppongi Museum in Tokyo.

The words are those of John Lennon, founding member of 1960s rock group, The Beatles. They refer to his relationship with his wife, Japanese avant-garde artist, Yoko Ono (87).

Below the inscription is a signature drawing by Lennon, a caricature of himself and Ono dated to 1968.

At that time, John Lennon was one of the most famous people in the world. Beatlemania had been a global phenomenon for 5 years, while 1968 would see the release of The Beatles (the White Album), widely considered one of the greatest records ever made.

However, as Lennon’s typically sarcasm-laced words suggest, all of that meant little compared to what was, for him, the most important event in his life – the day he met Yoko Ono.

40th Anniversary

Double Fantasy – John and Yoko is a retrospective of the couple’s well-publicized 14-year relationship.


By - Ben K.