Eating mochi is a New Year tradition in Japan, and one way Japanese people like to get their mochi fix at this time is by eating Oshiruko. This is a hot, sweet soup made from red beans which is eaten as a dessert. Large pieces of mochi are also put in and flavoured by the red bean paste.

Dean and Deluca’s special, seasonal beverage which has been released for New Years in Japan, takes inspiration from this traditional New Year dish, plus one of our favourite Japanese ingredients, matcha (powdered green tea).

Matcha from Japan’s green tea paradise, Uji, has been used to make a matcha latte base, which is jazzed up with soft white mochi and Hokkaido-sourced adzuki beans. Roasted mochi pieces are sprinkled on top to add some crunchiness.

This toasty beverage is a triumph of traditional Japanese ingredients, and will ensure that green tea fans will get their New Years quota of mochi, even on the go.

But of course, these drinks will only be around for early New Year, until 14th January. It will be appearing at all ‘cafe’ locations of Dean and Deluca in Japan, and selected ‘market’ branches, costing 600 yen plus tax.

By - Jess.