There’s a pet boom in Japan. People love not only dogs and cats but also, of course, hamsters! Sometimes, Japanese apartments don’t allow tenants to take care of dogs or cats, but hamsters usually fly under the radar.

Hamster owner Paru (@gsm_iham2) recently posted pictures of her hamster on Twitter.

A hamster’s bottom is just so cute. I want you to see it.

Indeed, she was right on the money. 10,300 people liked this post, and her followers reacted:

  • "I'll never get tired of looking at it.”
  • “Bubbly and fluffy butt.”
  • “The round form is so cute.”
  • “Why are hamsters’ bottoms so cute? The hip that carries happiness.”
  • “This fluffy hip has a cute tale. It’s so sweet.”
  • “Hamsters’ bottoms are valuable.”
  • “I know I can’t eat it, but I want to put it in my mouth. It’s pleasing to the eye.”
  • “The bottom, the legs, the tail... everything is pretty.”

Paru is certainly not alone. Another hamster lover, oto & uta (@oto_hamster) tweeted this short video of her hamster.

"I could take a video of this amazing, fluffy face"

As you can see, the hamster seems incredibly relaxed, and it looks like it’s preparing for bed. Indeed, the video almost reminds me of a scene out of a Disney movie.

339,500 people also liked this post, and her followers reacted:

  • "It's like a Japanese salaryman who is wiping his face at an izakaya.”
  • "I just thought I want to raise a hamster for the first time."
  • “What an angel!”
  • “It reminds me of the advertisement by GATSBY (A young man who is setting his hair). Your hamster is a star.”
  • “Your hamster is cute! It heals me.”
  • “It’s too cute. It makes me think I want to eat it.”
  • “Your hamster is too cute, and it kills me.”

A hamster mug

Animals heal people, and pet therapy is the real deal. Hamsters are small, but they have the powerful ability to make people happy. Sometimes people need their company while working at an office, too. However, it's often off-limits to bring a fluffy friend to the workplace, especially in workaholic Japan. Fortunately, there may be an alternative to help animal lovers relax.

It’s a “Hamster Hyokkori Mug” with cheese used as a motif. In Japanese, hyokkori means to "peak out suddenly," so the name is clearly suitable. As you can see, the design features hamsters popping out of the holes in the cheese. Their cheeks and hands are popping out, and overall they look pretty adorable. And when you turn the cup around, there is a hamster's bottom sticking out of another cheese hole! Sure enough, even when a hamster tries to hide, we can still see their booty.

Two colors available

The mug is available in two colours, yellow and orange. Also, there are hamster spoons too. They are available in grey and blown.

Oh no! They’re trying to escape from the cup!

A collaboration with hamsters

To all the animal lovers out there, you may find that this mug cup and spoon can help you relax while studying, working, or hanging out at home. However, there is another way to use this mug cup.

We can use them when taking adorable hamster photos.

Twitter user Hamuhamu Kotsubu (@hmhm_0824) tweeted a collaboration with hamsters and this hamster mug cup.

"Hamster and a mug cup. I bought this mug cup I wanted for a long time at ‘Hamster Cafe’. It’s cute, and I am satisfied”.

Her followers reacted:

  • "It's too cute."
  • “Your cups and your hamsters are so cute.”

These hamsters are indeed making the big time as models.

Overall, if you are interested in this product, you can find more information at the Grape Shop here. (international shipping available). Cheers.

By - Luke Mahoney.