“Mass-Produce makeup” is a style of makeup that features big saggy-cornered puppy eyes in Japan. The naming came from the it being a popular style adopted by female fans at male idols/boy’s band concerts.

Japanese comedian Egashira 2:50 (aka Ega-chan) is known for his intense, old-man character who usually dresses in black leggings with no shirt, and scruffy hair. He decided to give this style a try for his hit YouTube channel, and went all out for this project, having his makeup done by a professional makeup artist, donning a frilly costume, colored contacts and a wig.

Take a look at this surprising makeover video of Ega-chan…

He is…. actually…. cute!????

The “after” is something you could have never imagined from the usual Ega-chan we know.

In October this year, Ega-chan also did a makeover for the same event, styled in “Jirai" (landmine) makeup (a makeup style featuring red eye liner). This time, he was also very satisfied with the finished look as well.

After the makeover, he played adopted the character of nerdy groupie fan girl in the video; “I was running and chasing after Ega-chan in Nakano Broadway, and I got scolded by him”

This joke made everyone laugh at the shoot!

Viewers of the video were surprised by the amazing finished product, and left many positive comments.

So Kawaii (CUTE)! I want him to go out in town like this!

I thought, “Oh cute”, when just looking at the thumbnail of the video, only to realize it was actually Ega-chan….

What an amazing makeover result! The way he took off at the end of the video still reassured me it was our usual Ega-chan!

Ega chan has been posting many videos on YouTube, creating many different types of content ranging from comedy, singing, and heart-warming messages to his viewers.

Keep your eye on his YouTube channel for even more antics and transformations.

By - Mugi.