As most dog lovers know, there's very few moments that match the excitement canine companions show when they are enjoying a nice walk outside. Unfortunately, when they're so focused on hurrying through their walk and taking in sights and sounds, we don't always get to see their beaming smiles.

Fortunately Japanese Twitter user and illustrator Macco (@macco524) thought of a clever way to capture her lovable corgi, Gabu-chan.

During a recent walk, Macco kept a selfie stick to record Gabu-chan's expression from a low angle, and her nonstop grinning as she shuffles her short corgi legs is incredibly infectious!

Of course, corgis seem to naturally always be wearing a derpy grin, but the video truly captures just how much a walk on a sunny day brings joy to doggos.

For more adorable corgi adventures, be sure to follow Macco and Gabu-chan on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.