Kewpie, Japan's largest mayonnaise maker, doesn't just limit themselves to the standard mayo flavor. They recently announced a new "smoky vinegar mayo" meant for pairing with drinking snacks, and have a lineup of flavors called "Bread Studio" made for spreading on toast. Bread Studio's newest release is one that serves up perhaps the king of comfort foods, curry, for breakfast! A mayo-based curry paste.

As you can tell from the bottle, the new Bread Studio flavor is part of a collaboration with the Minions franchise. It's part of a recent effort by Kewpie to provide products and recipes for "stay-at-home" meals during the ongoing pandemic. The curry and mayo paste uses a blend of vegetables intended to be easy for kids to enjoy and has a mellow and rich flavor designed to pair with bread.

Kewpie recommends using it as a base for pilaf, dressing potatoes, and doria.

The curry and mayo spread will be available throughout Japan starting February 18th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.