If you're into photo books of Japanese gravure models, then chances are you've heard of Shosen. They also have a 7-story bookstore in Jimbocho but it's the 9th floor of their Book Tower in Akihabara which is famous as a "sacred site for gravure idol events."

For those who can't contain their curiosity about the latest Shosen gravure photobook ranking, and to the delight of many Hello! Project idol fans, the top two spots were won by members of Juice=Juice and BEYOOOOONDS (CHICA#TETSU).

Top spot goes to Manaka Inaba's "Loveliness..."

The top position was won by Hello! Project idol unit Juice=Juice member 稲葉愛香 Manaka Inaba's second photo album 「ラヴリネス...」 ("Loveliness..."), which came out on December 27th, 2020. (Odyssey Books, photography by 根本好伸 Yoshinobu Nemoto).

You can order it from Shosen here or CDJapan here.

You can get a better idea of some of the other photos you'll find inside from this promotion video on Juice=Juice's YouTube channel:

If you're not already a fan and don't have it bookmarked, this is Manaka's Instagram account:


In second place, Shiori Nishida's "Shiori"

Coming in second place was Hello! Project idol unit BEYOOOOONDS (CHICA#TETSU) member 西田汐里 Shiori Nishida's first photo book, simply entitled 「汐里」("Shiori"), which came out on December 16th, 2020. (Wani Books, photography by 田畑竜三郎 Ryūsaburō Tabata).

3rd to 10th place ranking information

  • 3. 北向珠夕ファースト写真集『恋夕』(出版社:講談社、発売日:2020/12/4)| Miyu Kitamuki's first photo book 『恋夕』(Koiyū / "romantic evening") (Kodansha). Link.
  • 4. 橋本梨菜 写真集 『 黒蜜 』(出版社:ワニブックス、発売日:2020/11/25)| Rina Hashimoto's 『 黒蜜 』 ("Kuromitsu")(Wani Books). Link.
  • 5. 横野すみれ ファースト写真集『あなたの横の』(出版社:ワニブックス、発売日:2020/12/16)| Sumire Yokono's first photo book 『あなたの横の』(Anata no yoko no / "Yokono next to you")(Wani Books). Link.
  • 6. AKI MIZUSAWA 1975-2000 (出版社:小学館、発売日:2020/12/4)| "Aki Mizusawa 1975-2000" (Shogakukan). Link.
  • 7. 桃月なしこ1st写真集 未完(出版社:講談社、発売日:2020/11/11)| Nashiko Momotsuki's first photo book 『未完』(Mikan / "unfinished")(Kodansha). Link.
  • 8. 松本まりか写真集「MM」(出版社:マガジンハウス、発売日:2020/12/4)| Mari Matsumoto's "MM" (Magazine House). Link.
  • 9. 宮地真緒写真集 逢燦燦(出版社:講談社、発売日:2020/12/28)| Mao Miyaji's 『逢燦燦』(Aisansan)(Kodansha). Link.
  • 10. 中島史恵 写真集 『#52』(出版社:双葉社、発売日:2020/12/18)| Fumie Nakajima's "#52" (Futabasha). Link.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.