Recently, Pringles Japan has continued their apparent quest to leave no potato chip flavor stone unturned withfish and chips, sukiyaki, and specialty ramen flavored chips(and even super sour cream and onion instant noodles).

So it was only a matter of time before karaage, the Japanese fried chicken all star of bento boxes and bar menus, joined the ranks of limited edition Pringles flavors in Japan.

The chips recreate karaage fried chicken flavor using a mix of onion and garlic powder, as well as a blend of spices. The label depicts a Pringles chip eating a serving of karaage (served up with a slice of lemon) at a Japanese dinner table with red izakaya lanterns in the background.

The karaage flavored Pringles will be available in Japan for a limited time through Japan starting January 25th, in both 110g/53g cans.

By - Big Neko.