Photographer Natsuki Miyashita 宮下夏樹(@sigmist810)was visiting Zenkōji Temple 善光寺 in Nagano Prefecture, one of the most important and popular temples in Japan founded in the 7th century, when he captured this amazing shot:

"This is the moment a huge bolt of lightning came down. (Seen) from inside the temple grounds of Zenkoji behind the temple."

Reproduced with permission from Natsuki Miyashita 宮下夏樹(@sigmist810)

Impressive indeed!

You really have to be at the right place and the right time to capture a photo like this.

Miyashita was awe-struck by the scene. Capturing such an impressive lightning display and the impressive temple together like this is hardly something you can plan for.

Naturally, the photo elicited many comments. For example:

  • "This is amazing. It's like the gods have descended to the temple!"
  • "This is so cool! It looks like something out of a tokusatsu film."
  • "I thought it was computer graphics. It has something of Back to the Future to it."

Obviously, when a lightning storm is near, it is best to be careful and take necessary precautions. Nevertheless, Miyashita didn't regret taking the shot.

Who knows, maybe having witnessed this scene will bring him good luck this year.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.