Pokémon fans in Japan have recently been treated to a project called Pokéfuta, or Poké Lids, which has seen Pokémon-themed manhole covers installed in towns across Japan as a means of boosting regional tourism. The collaboration between prefectures and the Pokémon Company has resulted in over 100 manhole lids installed across Japan, and even a Pokémon airplane.

Typically, the Pokémon chosen for the lids have some sort of aesthetic or thematic tie to the town displaying them, and that continues to be true with a set of five new Pokémon manhole lids installed in Nara--announced and supervised by Pikachu himself!

This time Pikachu announced five new lids featuring original designs of nine Pokémon to be installed in the town of Ikaruga in Nara prefecture.

The lineup includes Entei, Bronzong, Simisear, Magby, Chimecho, Bellsprout, Growlithe, Fletchinder, and of course, Deerling, as Nara is famous for its free roaming deer that are sometimes regarded as Shinto deities, and have become sort of an emblematic mascot for the area.

You can use an interactive map on the official website to see all 148 Poké Lids currently installed across the country.

By - Big Neko.