If you've been searching for a stylish Japanese food partner for your fried shrimp umbrella or karaage cushion that plays fried chicken ASMR, Maison Sushi has just the thing for you. The group, which operates under the slogan "turn everything in the world into sushi", is releasing a lineup of designer pouches that replications of sushi!

In the picture above, you can see (from left to right) the lineup features five sushi types: akami (lean meat tuna), salmon, toro (fatty tuna), aji (horse mackerel), and toku-jo toro (especially fatty tuna).

The pouches are expertly crafted, even using a blistering weave to recreate grains of sushi rice.

To tie things together, the bags feature a green Velcro connector that represents a dab of wasabi.

You'll be sure to capture the eyes of sushi lovers carrying this hunk of tuna around.

They even made the extra fatty tuna slightly thicker than the fatty tuna model.

The sushi pouches can be reserved on crowdfunding site Makuake up until February 16th.

By - Big Neko.