A while ago, someone from the BL∞M production team approached me on Instagram, and they offered me a chance to experience a skin treatment and counseling at the Nu Skin new building in Omotesando.

Before I share my personal experience with you, let me tell you a bit more about NuSkin and BL∞M production. That way, you will have a better understanding of what they do.

Nu Skin: Not just anti-aging products and skincare, but also sustainable projects and helping children around the world

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Nu Skin Enterprises is a company founded in 1984 that focuses on skincare products and has been extending worldwide. 

One of their most known beauty products is the ageLOC LumiSpa that cleanses the face while offering a relaxing facial massage. 

LumiSpa helps with decreasing the pores, has an anti-aging effect, and makes your skin look brighter.

Nu Skin not only offers high-quality products known all around the world, but they also put a great accent on sustainability and SDGs, also helping children around the world with funding and many other projects.

They have been expanding to many countries, including Japan, and now they have a newly opened center in Omotesando, where I had the chance to go and test out their products.

BL∞M production team

The BL∞M team is a team of professionals in Japan. They specialize in nutrition, skin/body care and are very passionate about sharing their knowledge regarding health and beauty with the world.

My Experience

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As I mentioned above, a member of the BL∞M team (Anna) first approached me on Instagram.

I get many messages on Instagram as in my free time, I take up quite a few freelance modeling jobs, but it was the first time someone approached me to try out a beauty treatment.

She told me that the package includes a facial treatment, skincare, checking your skin condition, and getting your make-up done before leaving.

As it’s been a while since I had my skin checked and because recently, it wasn’t in the best condition, I decided to take up their offer.

We decided on a day, and Anna told me that someone else will be in charge, so she gave me my counselor's contact details.

The person who was in charge of me is called Ayaka. She is a lovely girl that is very passionate about her work and sharing what she knows with others. Her passion is health and beauty, and she also obtained a national qualification as a physiotherapist.

She decided to switch to being a freelancer and follow her passion while continuing to do and learn what she loves, evolving in the medical and beauty field, but at the same time, offering support to other people with their beauty and health concerns.

The team also supports new ways of working, more suitable for millennials and Generation Z, and tries to offer support to people that want to follow this kind of lifestyle.

When I first arrived at the salon in Omotesando, I took a seat in the lounge downstairs and waited for Ayaka to come. 

When she came, we headed upstairs, where I got my skin checked.

I took a seat, and she explained the condition of my skin after we got the results.

It was dry (as expected) so, we followed a treatment to get it more moisturized using some of the NuSkin products (including the LumiSpa).

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After removing my make-up,cleansing, trying out the LumiSpa, I got my skin moisturized, and everything left my skin smooth and nice.

During this whole process, Ayaka kept explaining a lot of things and we got to chat a lot, so I had a great time. Meanwhile, I also found out so much interesting information regarding skincare.

© Ayaka BL∞M production (i.am.82)

Before leaving, she did my make-up using a natural palette and told me what colors suit my skin tone.

She also told me what I should use to help with the anti-aging process and for keeping my face bright and healthy.

She also got into body care a little, and after moving downstairs, she gave me a list of all the products we used.

I also asked for the catalog as I was interested in a couple of the products, and hoped I can purchase it afterward.

You can order the products on the NuSkin app or official website. Overall, it was a fun experience, and I also got to meet new people, made a friend, and found out more about my skin, also about beauty and health care.

The members of team BL∞M (including Ayaka and Anna) offer the same package I tried out for only 500 yen at the Omotesando Nu Skin Salon, so you can check that out if you are interested.


For those interested, you can send them a direct message or check out the Official Website of the team and contact them there.

Usually, you make a reservation ahead of time, schedule a day, and when you get to the salon, you meet your adviser, pay the 500-yen coupon at the machine downstairs, and your adviser will take care of the rest.

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