The New Year’s brought heavy snow to Northern Japan.

The blizzard conditions across the Hokuriku region caused a standstill on the Hokuriku Expressway and 8 people have been reported dead .

But it’s not all bad news.

(@NovemberZ) from Ishikawa Prefecture posted a picture on his Twitter account that had users “spitting out their tea” in laughter.

(@NovemberZ) says his family sent him this picture after coming back home from playing in the snow with their dog.

Reproduced with permission from アドベントザキチ@Rip van cats(@NovembersZ)

Looks like his dog enjoyed the blizzard!

How did Twitter React?

  • I laughed out loud! Looks like a snowball fight pro right here.
  • I think he’d look like a sheep if he had snowballs stuck to his whole body!
  • This happens to long-haired dogs! I remember how hard it was pulling out all the snowballs…

If you’ve ever gone out in the snow with your own dog, you’ve probably noticed how the snow clumps around their legs and bosom.

Rather than trying to pull out each snowball, it’s best to rinse your dog off in lukewarm water to melt the snow and then dry them off.

NovemberZ has a Band!

With over 15,000 Retweets and almost 100,000 Likes, (@NovemberZ) took this chance to promote his band.

They’re called Rip van cats. Check out their music video for their song Sniper Girl below.

By - Mujo.