Katanukiya is a cake shop based in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district that does something quite unique when it comes to their products.

They specialize in the multi-layered Baumkuchen cake, a German dessert also loved by people in Japan. The center portion of the cakes features different cut-out characters, a concept reminiscent of the popular Japanese festival activity, katanuki, where molds of colorful soft candy are carved out into varying shapes.

In the past, they’ve created cakes with characters like Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma, and for Valentine’s Day, they’re turning pandas into cute cupids that look like they’re ready to send love over your way.

These adorable panda cakes come in three designs: a cocoa-flavored panda couple (594 yen), a big-bowed chocolate panda (648 yen), and an “angel panda” consisting of both cocoa and chocolate-flavored layers (648 yen).

The Valentine’s Day panda baumkuchen are available until early February 2021 to those in Japan through Katanukiya’s online store, where you can also view and order their other just-as-adorable character cakes.

By - Jen Laforteza.