Living with pets is a beautiful thing. Indeed, they are your pal during the good times and during the bad times. Well, at least dogs are...don't get me started about cats…

That said, sometimes a pet can provide some, shall we say, unexpected entertainment. Take Twitter user Shiki’s (@shiki_ads) recent post, for example. The internaut noticed something a little strange when his dog greeted him. He snapped a photo and posted online:

"The more I look, the width of my dog’s shoulder seems somewhat strange.”

As you can see, his dog’s fluffy fur has a peculiar shape. I imagine Manuka saying, “Hey dude, what are you looking at. Is there something wrong with me?”

300,000 people liked this post and reacted:

  • "He looks like a village elder.”
  • “I want to hug this guy. Lol.”
  • “Are you really a dog...?”
  • “Oh, the elder is here.”
  • “He looks like ramen noodles.”
  • “I care about his shoulder width. But wait, where are his ears?”
  • “Bullet-shaped dog. Or, you might say, bean-shaped. What an odd creature. Thank you.”
  • “He looks like a character from Among Us.”

Moreover, Manuka is famous among Japanese Twitter users and among users in other countries. Many people say that he looks like a character from the online game ‘Among Us.’

But, more importantly, I’m curious about what happens to his body shape when he becomes wet. Of course, his shoulder width becomes normal...right…?

A strange cat

There is another pet making the rounds on Twitter.

"Don't you think my cat sits in a weird way?"

Twitter user Shiwasu (@siwasiwaaaaa) took a picture of his cat sitting. As you can see, his cat’s shoulder width is also strange.

His followers noticed:

  • "He is preparing to do a deep Japanese dogeza bow?”
  • “He always apologized in his previous life”
  • “He looks like an owl. He’s cute.”
  • “This cat is like the jock who was in all the honors classes and who was really nice to me. I love this cat.”
  • “He looks like the character Barbapapa.”
  • “I imagined him saying, ‘what’s wrong?’ ”
  • “Hold up, I know we're all watching hockey, but how much do you think this cat can deadlift.”
  • “That is a small kangaroo.”

Some people say this cat looks like an owl or a kangaroo. Indeed, these cats and dogs must be eating well and hitting the gym.

A sweet cat

Despite what I said earlier, I’m still a sucker for friendly felines. This one, posted by Twitter user Shikkokuno Kinokoppi (@kimuko_pi), is truly a sweetie pie. See what I mean:

"I bought an anmitsu dessert bed for cats at the store Felissimo. It’s freaking cute."

As you can see, Shikkokuno Kinokoppi’s has now become one with the Japanese sweets.

His followers reacted to this cuteness:

  • “How sweet!”
  • “Oh my god, can I eat this?”
  • “It’s an angel! So cute.”
  • “This is the cutest photo I have ever seen. Look at this small baby.”
  • “There is a cute black sesame seed ball”
  • “It looks good. Ok, I just need to make some tea.”
  • “There is a cat rice cake with these Japanese sweets.”
  • “This dessert bed looks cute. I might buy it for my cat.”

Most likely, many people bought the same bed after seeing this tweet. However, unfortunately, some of their cats, being cats, aren’t interested in it at all.

Sigh…you know how I feel about cats.

By - Luke Mahoney.