Onsen, or traditional Japanese hot springs, are perhaps the most relaxing highlight of spending time at a Japanese inn or just a day at a public bath. Some of the country's most truly sought out onsen feel like taking a trip back in time, and even capybara give the hot baths favorable reviews.

So it might sound like a bold move to find out that a hot spring without any water or bathing facility is being installed an Ginza Square's Fancl. But that's just what's happening, as "Travel Square Yu" will open up for a limited time, allowing guests to experience a fully clothed onsen experience without getting in a bath.

Appearing on the 10th floor FANCL Sky Garden between January 15th and February 11th, the waterless hot spring seeks to recreate the relaxing atmosphere of an onsen via a "air hot springs". The facility is designed to look like a traditional bathhouse, but uses air quality, scents, as well as projects views of Japan to give guests an outdoor onsen experience that won't leave them wrinkly.


On the 7th floor FANCL Genki Station, guests can participate in relaxing scent-based breathing lessons that give the feeling of an onsen in the middle of the forest.

The facility will also provide a number of luxurious course meals for both lunch and dinner, typically found at traditional Japanese inns, as well as fresh milk-based drinks that are often enjoyed after a dip in an onsen. Bathing and skin care goods will also be sold.

You can find more access and menu information at the facility's website.

By - Big Neko.