The wide world of Japanese capsule toys often features while incredibly fun to display and look at, very niche standouts such as "the type of drunks you meet in Tokyo", Lovecraftian squid and watermelon hybrids, and shiba inu sticking their heads out of holes in the wall figures.

Maker Tama-kyu is giving capsule toy collectors one they can have fun actually interacting with, however, with their new lineup of miniature taiko drums that actually make taiko sounds when struck!

Taiko drums are traditional Japanese drums that are used at festivals, competitions, shrines, taught at schools, and even used to this day in popular music. Tama-kyu has made five taiko drums using common colors, with an aesthetic that looks like the real deal. As an added bonus, each drum comes contains a stand and taiko drum sticks (known as bachi) that can be used to produce an authentic taiko drum sound.

The lineup is available at capsule toy machines throughout Japan currently for 300 yen a try.

By - Big Neko.