"A Cruel Angel’s Thesis", the television opening theme song to iconic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, remains an anime song classic. While there have been a number of impressive covers by both fans and professionals, nothing quite hits the chords of nostalgia than the original arrangement and singing voice of Yoko Takahashi.

But there may be an equal match for whatever crossover of Evangelion fans and cat lovers exists, as original singer Yoko Takahashi has taken part in a video that reproduces the entire opening with cats as characters, and she herself sings the song replacing every word with "meow".

The song is titled "A Nyankoku Nyanko’s Thesis” ("nyanko" means cat or kitty in Japanese, and is a place on the Japanese title of "Zankoku no Tenshi no te-ze") and is actually a collaboration between Neon Genesis Evangelion and mobile game Battle Cats (which has an ongoing in-game Evangelion promotion). With the Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time film being indefinitely delayed, the Rebuild of Evangelion films have been replaying on Japanese television to keep fans entertained--although they were no doubt surprise to see a cat-themed version of their beloved opening air as a commercial during the broadcast!

As you can see, it's not just the song that's meowified, but the opening itself.

Right down to the kitty credits!

The video itself teases a meow version of the full song coming soon, which has surprised fans at the thought of it actually being aired during a broadcast.

By - Big Neko.