Yahiko Village 彌彦村 is home to Yahiko Shrine 彌彦神社, one of the most famous powerful spots in Niigata Prefecture.

The "Ōtorii (Great Gate)" 大鳥居 of Yahiko Shrine is almost 100 feet tall, and the shrine's name plaque is as large as 12 tatami mats (over 70 feet) wide, making it a symbol of Yahiko Village.

The vermilion torii gate is more impressive when you look at it up close, and if you photograph it at dawn you will see a different side of it than usual.

Here is an amazing photo of the mysterious Yahiko Village taken by photographer Koki Ueda (@fuehrsn) and posted to his Twitter account:

Reproduced with permission from Koki Ueda (@fuehrsn)

The giant gate stands quietly as the village lies still, and the light of dawn illuminates the morning fog in beautiful hues of yellow, auburn, and gold.

It almost looks mystical...

The image elicited many reactions on Twitter:

  • "What a divine view. It's totally different from seeing it up close!"
  • "It's too beautiful... If I saw it in person, I'd surely be speechless."
  • "The golden mist and the mountains in the background look like they were drawn in a painting."

It's easy to understand why the area is called a power spot.

If you'd like to see more of Koki Ueda's photography, follow him on Twitter here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.