The limited-time-only, sakura-inspired beverages from Starbucks Japan is their main event every year. It usually includes a Frappuccino and some type of hot drink as a temporary menu addition. But before the big announcement revealing 2021’s creations, the warm-up act has been unveiled. Alongside the drinks that can be bought at the coffee chain’s branches, a chilled cup drink available in convenience stores is also announced every year.

This year we will be bestowed a ‘Sakura Vanilla with Strawberry Jelly' drink. The springtime beverage has a creamy milk base, infused with aromatic cherry blossom and vanilla flavour. They also added strawberry jelly to make for a satisfying texture to enjoy while observing Japan’s wonderful spring.

Source: Starbucks Japan

When it comes to the saturation of the Japanese market in cherry blossom-themed consumables, Starbucks usually find some way to stand out every year. Their unique mixes of ingredients for example, and in this case, the strawberry jelly. It sounds more like a dessert than a drink and could make the perfect addition to anyone’s Hanami picnic.

The drink will go on sale from 9th February 2021 for 219 yen in convenience stores all over Japan, and can be found in the chilled coffee section.

By - Jess.