“I can’t use it...”

Three photos were Tweeted with such a caption, which became viral with well over 200k likes.

One day, the Twitter user (@uFpfadATHlCPY9N) went to the washroom to wash their hands. But then, he realized the hand soap was “out of service”. Here was the reason…!

There was a tiny little white “fluff” on top of the hand soap pump. It turns out the house pet java sparrow “Mame-chan” was sitting on top of the hand soap bottle, ever so comfortly! His white fluffy body even makes it look like a soap bubble staged on top, like a soap ad.

Many people fell in love with “Mame-chan” the bird after seeing these photos:

"He is way too adorable. The fluffiness!"

"So, where can I buy this hand soap with a paddy bird on top!?"

"I seriously thought it was a soap bubble placed on top of the bottle. It’s too cute to use it for handwashing!"

By the way, the bird owner made sure there was no windows open to ensure the safety of his beloved “Mame-chan” while taking these photos.

A cute bird like this would make the everyday handwashing routine so much more fun. When you use it, though, do remember to carefully remove the birdie from the bottle!

By - Mugi.