Of all the creatures featured throughout Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series, one being has become emblematic of the game.

I’m talking, of course, about the blue ‘Slime’ which is ubiquitous whenever a new game or Dragon Quest campaign comes about. Something about the simplicity of his design makes him so cute and memorable, and there was even recently a whole host of home decor items at Japanese variety store Loft, inspired by the yellow variation of the character, ‘Lemon Slime’.

But if any of you Dragon Quest fans in Japan missed out on that collection, don’t worry, there’s another fun iteration of the creature landing at an online goods store that specialises in anime and manga merchandise.

This small teapot goes back to basics and features the classic blue Slime, and he’d make a striking addition to any tea set. The strainer is included inside the pot, so you can even use loose leaf tea for your Dragon Quest tea break. The Slime’s drop shape makes him the perfect candidate to base a teapot on. He can hold 400ml so is probably suited to small tea parties only.

The Slime teapot can currently be preordered online (Japan only) until 14th February, and it’ll set you back 2500 yen plus tax.

By - Jess.