You ever wanted to take a day off and find yourself thinking of a good excuse to tell your boss?

Calling out sick is one option. But if you want to give advance notice, maybe you say you’ve got a doctor’s appointment or have to help your mom with… something.

It’s not often that you find your boss telling YOU why he or she needs a vacation day.

But that’s just what happened to (@ghost03type).

That afternoon, Ghost03type got a few LINE messages from her boss informing her he needed to take next Tuesday off.

It’s the reason that surprised her and made her share the strange interaction to her Twitter account.

She commented, “My chief is so persistent about taking a day off.”

Here’s an English translation of the odd conversation:

  • BOSS: I’m going to take next Tuesday off, ok?
  • BOSS: I want to go to TOYSRUS with my son.
  • BOSS: So it’d be great if there aren’t any meetings that day. Since I want to go to TOYSRUS.
  • Ghost03type: You don’t have to keep saying TOYSRUS.

He must have promised his daughter a visit to the toy store giant.

But from the messages, it almost sounds like the boss is the one who really wants to go.

The boss wanted to be clear that he wouldn’t miss anything important that day, so asked Ghost03type to make sure there aren’t any meetings.

That makes sense.

But to follow it up by repeating how badly he “wants to go to TOYSRUS” and the last message just saying, “TOYSRUS” again is a bit far.

The conversation has been a hit on Twitter, with just over 100K Likes.

Users had plenty to say about Ghost03type’s boss.

  • Why don’t you just have the meeting at TOYSRUS?
  • By saying he wants to go to TOYSRUS with his daughter, he’s already a handsome papa <3.
  • I read this on the train and couldn’t help laughing out loud. What a cute boss.

Whatever the case, the boss just wants to spend some quality parent-kid time and is letting everyone know.

Ghost03type is a Writer!

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By - Mujo.